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Reporting on the most interesting events in the area you will always be sure that you have the latest, if you follow us. Checking in with us every now and again you will always find something exciting and interesting to read about, something which might motivate and inspire you to take that step of booking a ticket and experience something you have never done before. For us this little village, which is very much up and coming these days, has a place close to our hearts.

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It is our aim to let you know about the wide variety of wonderful things which happen in this most magical of valleys. Most famous for the hillside and the great slopes, which offer challenges and enjoyment for everyone regardless of skill level.

There are of course also many great instructors on site, and if you are looking to improve sign up for a class which is the right level for you.
Other than the skiing, the beautiful nature provides great hiking and adventure grounds. Again, here if you are after learning, it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner.

In this lovely little village you will be able to find the skill and company you need from people with excellent skills in their respective fields. Hiking, climbing, camping and much more can be found as outdoors activities which can be enjoyed in the area. But in the town there are also many happenings, fiestas, parties, music, films, theatre, crafting, dancing and much more. Many people comment on the big mix of different influences and cultures which meet here, creating an interesting and unique nexus of skillsets and talent.

The best way to keep in touch with all the things happening, is to ensure that you have our website among your favourites, we give you information both new and old about this talked about town in the valley.

Why not join the conversation, book yourself a visit here for your next holiday for example. It doesn’t matter when you arrive, there will always be something interesting going on here, but if you are of a particular flavour in mind you can always plan your timing. Keep checking here for updates on when festivals, music and other great events are scheduled.