A wish expressed by many previous visitors

a resort to visit again and againEspecially from those who are here only for a short stay. When the holiday is over and it’s time to pack up and return home, there is at the side of this wonderful mountain a common general feeling. The tendency to want to stay just a little bit longer, just for one more day, why couldn’t the world and the universe make it so that this week was 8 days instead of 7?
This is one of the greatest reviews a place can have from its visitors, the wish to stay, and the want to return.

Daredevils, Geeks and All the rest!

a place that have something for everyoneOne of the main attractive features about this wonderful valley is simply the crowd that it attracts. If you decide to at some point pay it a visit you will find exactly what we mean when we say that you can really find all sorts here. The mixture of travellers, adventure seekers, hikers, down-hill skiers, film lovers, holidays, facilitated by the wonderful resident’s great, positive and caring attitude is something which is unique to this place. It’s difficult to describe the versatility in human culture, individual types which mix in the most wonderful, creative and active way which is met on a visit here.

And of course there is the mountain, being in a valley, surrounded by formations which long surpasses the personal history of any one human’s life span, there is something indescribable present, something which bring humility to all. So no matter who you are, no matter where you are from or what your interests are, there will be something here which is for you. Everyone is welcome here, and with the passionately organised events, festivals, features and activities organised here you will never find a moment of boredom, that of course not saying that you cannot find stillness and peace should you search for it.

It’s a place in need of experiencing, bringing together the new and current, with ancient in a mixture of human culture, nature and community. If you have any questions from the team here who absolutely adore this place, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, any feedback you have for us on the website is also welcomed and much appreciated!

The valley that never sleeps

Welcome to the Valley that never sleepsThere is a 24 hour action packed schedule available here for anyone who is up for it, however that is not to say that you cannot find the peace and quiet you need for a relaxing time away. All that it is implying is that there is availability and fun there, ready for your engagement when you want it. If you are having a tough time in life now, perhaps you are having to make a large decision, and what is worse that there is no objective view, there’s opportunity and risk in all directions of your gaze. What will no doubt help your decision making is to put your mind to something completely different and unrelated to the subject. This way the unconscious mind will be able to do the processing which it needs to whilst you don’t waste energy on worrying and bog yourself down with stress. A help of course is the speed and the adrenaline that puts you in the moment going down the slopes, and with a great relaxing evening after a long days of hard work in the form of sporting fun, you will find your mind clearer, your head more spacious and your decision making more on point. This means also on the point of what you are currently trying to decide on. It’s never easy to be pulled in two directions or more at once, but what helps here is the knowledge that after the decision is made, all you can do is go for it, fully and with the highest level of focus you can have. So take some time out, visit the valley that never sleeps and ensure that all your work and your life is planned out to accomodate your life and your passions.