Man’s best friend to the rescue

here the help of man's best friend has saved many livesWith the collective experience gain for the villages in this little, but great town the best type of emergency response has been developed and is now being used for emergency situations today.

With mountain security as one of the top priorities in the region it does not prove a surprise that here traditional, and modern mean of finding lost persons are on the edge of performance. The safety team at work in a place where weather conditions make time a matter of life and death, are of course of the finest sort. With experience built of the last half a century this team also make use of man’s best friend when times of need arrive. The famous avalanche dogs have become recognised heroes in the area having been integral parts of many rescue call outs.

These beautiful and loyal pups are trained to perform under high pressure situations and in extreme conditions, and with their powerful noses victims buried under a veil of snow can be located in time. And of course due praise and recognition for these furry friends and heroes have been given from those mountaineers who today owe their life to them and the rescue team.

This of course is not to say that you will be caught in a snow storm should you choose to visit, the predictions are accurate, and the accidents are few and far apart, and with consideration to the great number of persons visiting the resort, the risk are minute. However of course these amazing rescuers are always ready and on standby should disaster strike, and on this point they never falter.