Diversity and Social responsibility

A point which is held dear by each and every one of the citizens in this location is that of responsibility and diversity. Ensuring that equality reigns as the chief ideal to be kept, and that each person is supported and helped on their way through life. Here it is believed that every person has their own unique talent and it is known that for that talent to flourish, the right type of environment is needed. If a person is not feeling comfortable there is little hope of finding confidence to be able to go your own way. This is something always kept in mind.

Here’s also an informational video on the subject we hope you find interesting.


Endorsing good behaviour, heroes and role models

trying to find the winter and summer heroes of our timeFor the locals who are of tradition and of course of great understanding when it comes to the point that the children are the future, are always in search of good staff to man the slopes.

Here what is placed as a priority in values is not only that one is an excellent teacher and skier or snow boarder, but one needs to also be of the kind to live a good life, healthy and with a moral standpoint to inspire the young ones. With a high number of children learning to ski and building their own dreams here it’s important that they have the right type of role models to look up to.