Flying down from the top of the hill

the beautiful mountain tops over the housesThe suspense of climbing upwards, in the lift, you see the landscape silently passing beneat you, as you are calming your mind to ensure focus is kept despite the strong excitement you feel. You make your way to a far end after dismounting the lift, and with a long deep intake of air you ready yourself for what is to come. A gentle push off, and you feel your muscles engaging, your instinct steering and your mind letting go.
The feeling of freedom when flying down one of the famous ski slopes here, as described by an enthusiastic armature.


Associations to promote the good and worthwhile events that take place each year

one of a countless number of different festivals and eventsThere are a few organisations and organisers in the region who invest much of their time and heart in bringing the local spirit and interests out.

Each year there are a great number of events worth visiting besides the winter skiing resort. If you have a specialised interest, perhaps in film, theatre, music or arts why not check out the events list of this wonderful village. We have no doubt that you will be surprised at what they offer, and hopefully you will find something that is in line with your interests!