Born from a mining settlement

A city born from a mining settlementOne of the many which cropped up at the end of the 19th century, with the purpose of mining for gold and silver. Since then, the boxed area has been populated, and with its modest two thousand inhabitants today it’s still a place which have managed to gain fame.

With the nearby ski villages and being mentioned in some famous popular songs. Surrounded by mountains and with a nearby beautiful waterfall, the nature scenery and panorama is also of stunning kind. Here many known off-course downhill skiers and snowboarders have visited at some point due to the also well-known ski resort, and in the summer months there is a busy schedule of festivals and festivities on the go.

Once a mining village, and today a resort for both winter and summer activities. During the warm season there are also many extreme sports visitors, such as mountain bikers and climbers. But you don’t have to be extreme to visit the beautiful heights of the mountain tops here, many hiking trails and guided tours are also to be easily found and well worth a visit.