Women’s Specific Wellness and Skiing

for skiing and festivitiesNews of many of the great initiatives taken at this venue has spread across the globe and one of the more recent and celebrated endeavours is that of the wellness and skiing events which have been organised lately.

With great success and great appreciation from the participants it’s no wonder that the word has spread like wild fire. During the course provided by trained facilitators women get to explore themselves, as well as challenge themselves in the art of skiing. And the best thing about it, is that the skill level of the women joining is wide and varied. Focus has been placed on personal development and progress, empowering women through both challenges and support. Taking on something one may have thought impossible, and overcoming ones fear works miracles for the mind and the feeling of self-confidence.

During the course there are also talks held by a range of different professionals with a range of different purposes. Everything from technical training, and theory in downhill skiing to mental training in how to keep one’s mind when faced with a challenge. It’s nothing new that rising up to physical challenges helps, and acts as an agent to help one face any challenge. Taking things step by step, and providing content which is applicable and useable for any level of skiing will prove valuable both on the slopes and in the day to day lives of women who attend the course. On top of that there is also spa treatments and attention given to relaxation and reoperation of the body.

The women specific courses have been commended for its great balance between physical and mental challenges, as well as the showing of the importance of rest and relaxation. There are many metaphors and analogies in physical training and challenges, here much is to be learned about oneself and in pushing the limits out slowly, in a pace that suits each individual person, many have said that they were soon finding themselves doing things they never thought they could achieve. Life does not have to be handed forcefully, but we grow and develop as individual at a good pace. As many great men and woman have agreed upon, each achievement starts at the first step.