The Optimal Film Festival Experience

music film and other festivals every yearAlthough this region is not the greatest in population there is an array of cultural and artistic life which is original and locally inspired.

Something which has been on the calendar for many decades now is the film festival, and last year, in 2015 the 42nd festival was concluded a great success. With having received praise for everything from the running of the festival, the program as well as of course the high quality content which it contained. Now it’s a whole year before we again get the opportunity to attend this wonderful event. One recommended by film and screen lovers around the globe. Many have travelled far for this, and perhaps by giving you some information on what went on last year, you may be motivated to also take this journey.

Going above and beyond the areas of what traditionally one would see a film, everything from pictures and new forms of creativity and experiences were displayed. Offering close encounters and talks, intimate and personal with the artists and creators. Many new inspirations are to be had and many interesting discussions on and off subject were received warmly by both audience and those involved in the creating.

A writer and journalist described the event as something that it existed not only on a higher altitude, but the experience was there as if on a higher plane. With a modest amount of promotion there are little prestige, although celebration of film and film makers are present there is no outer layers of commercial influence which many festivals can tend to have. Many of those asked who attended replied that they were definitely coming next year when asked, and this to the organisers was confirmation of the hard work they put in to ensure that the festival ran in the best way possible.