For all types of down hillers

a fast way down for anyone, no matter who you areIf you are one to enjoy speed produced by gravity whilst on an elongated pair of planks, why not join the enthusiasts here for a season. Here you will find every type, from fanatic and extreme to leisurely and relaxed. It doesn’t matter what type of style you have, here there is space for everyone, and of course everyone is also invited for a wind down after a long day of playing. Come join us at this wonderful resort, and allow yourself to be a child again!


Especially good reviews from the Nordic visitors who say…

great reviews from all over the world including scandinaviaIt’s no secret that this much appreciated holiday destination has a lot to offer. And take it from the Scandinavian population to know what makes a good organisation and what makes a good ski slope.

Amongst the different nationalities that this lovely location has received great reviews from, those who are used to a Nordic standard and climate are included. It doesn’t matter if you are an extreme sports fanatic, or if your visit is that of a relaxing holiday with your family, you will be able to find that here everyone is invited, and share good times and good fun together.