avalanche risk

there is always risk, but safety first removes the considerable majority of itSomething that should take the attention of people, especially if they are winter sport lovers is safety. One of the things which are brought up often is the risk for avalanches. Something which should never be taken lightly. Of course there are many accounts of people who have survived an avalanche, however the chances are slim, and the survivors were lucky to have been found. Today there are many rescue teams who take help from our four legged friends to find victims buried under now. With training and their superior sense of smell many lives have been saved.


If you are one to like fishing

there is plenty to do in the green season fishing hiking trekking and much moreThere is plenty around here to suit each individual who comes to visit, and that includes you as a fishing enthusiast. Who says that you have to fly down snowy mountains for a good time, there is plenty of excitement to be had angling. Although of course the team here are fully aware that there are many who enjoy both activities. No matter what you like, you will be able to find it here, and if you are having a future journey to plan, why not ensure that this spot on the map gets marked.