If you like to get involved with the festival

Should you have been one of the persons attending the festival or if you know of it though having in some way been part of it and if you are interested in getting involved on a deeper level. There are many opportunities open and available. From the team, many of them expressed just how grateful they were to have been able to work with so many open, passionate, creative individuals. One of the aspects which have received great feedback from their workers is the apprentice program, to which one can apply. One of the students on this stated it as one of the happiest times of his life, learning and working with the team.

yearly film festival If you are interested in joining such a program a word of advice is to ensure that you get your application form done, the number for applicants are increasing by the year as the popularity of the positions go up.

The event team themselves describe the apprenticeship as the full view behind the scenes experience. 6 intensive weeks full of everything that the industry involves. Great for anyone who is thinking about a career in the industry, and of course has a great passion for moving pictures.

There is an age requirement of 21 years minimum to be able to apply, but other than that there is just the application form. Of course the position if of a volunteer basis, and although you will not be paid for your time there should you be successful, the experience will no doubt enrich your life to the highest level of standards. Should you be interested to proceed further or need more information we direct you to the official website of the festival which is easily found online.