If you like to get involved with the festival

Should you have been one of the persons attending the festival or if you know of it though having in some way been part of it and if you are interested in getting involved on a deeper level. There are many opportunities open and available. From the team, many of them expressed just how grateful they were to have been able to work with so many open, passionate, creative individuals. One of the aspects which have received great feedback from their workers is the apprentice program, to which one can apply. One of the students on this stated it as one of the happiest times of his life, learning and working with the team.

yearly film festival If you are interested in joining such a program a word of advice is to ensure that you get your application form done, the number for applicants are increasing by the year as the popularity of the positions go up.

The event team themselves describe the apprenticeship as the full view behind the scenes experience. 6 intensive weeks full of everything that the industry involves. Great for anyone who is thinking about a career in the industry, and of course has a great passion for moving pictures.

There is an age requirement of 21 years minimum to be able to apply, but other than that there is just the application form. Of course the position if of a volunteer basis, and although you will not be paid for your time there should you be successful, the experience will no doubt enrich your life to the highest level of standards. Should you be interested to proceed further or need more information we direct you to the official website of the festival which is easily found online.


A wide spread issue also effecting the citizens of this humble little resort

The world keeps spinning and development and progress is continuously moving ahead, and an issue that is global today, is at the current also having large effect on this little resort. The issue of pollution is wide spread, and its effect can be seen across the globe. At times it seems as if mother earth is rising up against our disrespectful way of treating the planet. Here the villages are always aware and do what can be done to keep clean, sustainable and aware of the environmental issues.


Please enjoy this awareness video about global pollution


The Optimal Film Festival Experience

music film and other festivals every yearAlthough this region is not the greatest in population there is an array of cultural and artistic life which is original and locally inspired.

Something which has been on the calendar for many decades now is the film festival, and last year, in 2015 the 42nd festival was concluded a great success. With having received praise for everything from the running of the festival, the program as well as of course the high quality content which it contained. Now it’s a whole year before we again get the opportunity to attend this wonderful event. One recommended by film and screen lovers around the globe. Many have travelled far for this, and perhaps by giving you some information on what went on last year, you may be motivated to also take this journey.

Going above and beyond the areas of what traditionally one would see a film, everything from pictures and new forms of creativity and experiences were displayed. Offering close encounters and talks, intimate and personal with the artists and creators. Many new inspirations are to be had and many interesting discussions on and off subject were received warmly by both audience and those involved in the creating.

A writer and journalist described the event as something that it existed not only on a higher altitude, but the experience was there as if on a higher plane. With a modest amount of promotion there are little prestige, although celebration of film and film makers are present there is no outer layers of commercial influence which many festivals can tend to have. Many of those asked who attended replied that they were definitely coming next year when asked, and this to the organisers was confirmation of the hard work they put in to ensure that the festival ran in the best way possible.


Man’s best friend to the rescue

here the help of man's best friend has saved many livesWith the collective experience gain for the villages in this little, but great town the best type of emergency response has been developed and is now being used for emergency situations today.

With mountain security as one of the top priorities in the region it does not prove a surprise that here traditional, and modern mean of finding lost persons are on the edge of performance. The safety team at work in a place where weather conditions make time a matter of life and death, are of course of the finest sort. With experience built of the last half a century this team also make use of man’s best friend when times of need arrive. The famous avalanche dogs have become recognised heroes in the area having been integral parts of many rescue call outs.

These beautiful and loyal pups are trained to perform under high pressure situations and in extreme conditions, and with their powerful noses victims buried under a veil of snow can be located in time. And of course due praise and recognition for these furry friends and heroes have been given from those mountaineers who today owe their life to them and the rescue team.

This of course is not to say that you will be caught in a snow storm should you choose to visit, the predictions are accurate, and the accidents are few and far apart, and with consideration to the great number of persons visiting the resort, the risk are minute. However of course these amazing rescuers are always ready and on standby should disaster strike, and on this point they never falter.


Women’s Specific Wellness and Skiing

for skiing and festivitiesNews of many of the great initiatives taken at this venue has spread across the globe and one of the more recent and celebrated endeavours is that of the wellness and skiing events which have been organised lately.

With great success and great appreciation from the participants it’s no wonder that the word has spread like wild fire. During the course provided by trained facilitators women get to explore themselves, as well as challenge themselves in the art of skiing. And the best thing about it, is that the skill level of the women joining is wide and varied. Focus has been placed on personal development and progress, empowering women through both challenges and support. Taking on something one may have thought impossible, and overcoming ones fear works miracles for the mind and the feeling of self-confidence.

During the course there are also talks held by a range of different professionals with a range of different purposes. Everything from technical training, and theory in downhill skiing to mental training in how to keep one’s mind when faced with a challenge. It’s nothing new that rising up to physical challenges helps, and acts as an agent to help one face any challenge. Taking things step by step, and providing content which is applicable and useable for any level of skiing will prove valuable both on the slopes and in the day to day lives of women who attend the course. On top of that there is also spa treatments and attention given to relaxation and reoperation of the body.

The women specific courses have been commended for its great balance between physical and mental challenges, as well as the showing of the importance of rest and relaxation. There are many metaphors and analogies in physical training and challenges, here much is to be learned about oneself and in pushing the limits out slowly, in a pace that suits each individual person, many have said that they were soon finding themselves doing things they never thought they could achieve. Life does not have to be handed forcefully, but we grow and develop as individual at a good pace. As many great men and woman have agreed upon, each achievement starts at the first step.


Born from a mining settlement

A city born from a mining settlementOne of the many which cropped up at the end of the 19th century, with the purpose of mining for gold and silver. Since then, the boxed area has been populated, and with its modest two thousand inhabitants today it’s still a place which have managed to gain fame.

With the nearby ski villages and being mentioned in some famous popular songs. Surrounded by mountains and with a nearby beautiful waterfall, the nature scenery and panorama is also of stunning kind. Here many known off-course downhill skiers and snowboarders have visited at some point due to the also well-known ski resort, and in the summer months there is a busy schedule of festivals and festivities on the go.

Once a mining village, and today a resort for both winter and summer activities. During the warm season there are also many extreme sports visitors, such as mountain bikers and climbers. But you don’t have to be extreme to visit the beautiful heights of the mountain tops here, many hiking trails and guided tours are also to be easily found and well worth a visit.