Why do people want to tell you about this ride?

beautiful place for holiday and relaxationIt really is in the name, and the answer to the question is simple. The ride has been described my many as an experience of a life time. If you visit, you will sure joint he many who speak with warm hearts about this most special place.

There are the snowy mountains in the winter providing you with the opportunity for more fun than you have time for, and of course in the summer there are countless number of locally organised festivals which are set up though love, dedication and a fanatic interest from the locals, attracting visitors from all over the globe.


Especially good reviews from the Nordic visitors who say…

great reviews from all over the world including scandinaviaIt’s no secret that this much appreciated holiday destination has a lot to offer. And take it from the Scandinavian population to know what makes a good organisation and what makes a good ski slope.

Amongst the different nationalities that this lovely location has received great reviews from, those who are used to a Nordic standard and climate are included. It doesn’t matter if you are an extreme sports fanatic, or if your visit is that of a relaxing holiday with your family, you will be able to find that here everyone is invited, and share good times and good fun together.


Voted as the retreat to visit

voated amongst many travellers as one of the best places to visitAs you can hear from anyone who has made the choice of visiting this weird and wonderful town, is that there is something special and unique about it. Here the slopes are steep and well known, just like the summer times are filled with community and consciousness.

It’s strange to see a town which is currently living by the tourism but at the same time keeps such a homely and welcoming feeling to all who are there. If you wish to experience this uniqueness yourself, ensure that you book your ticket to visit soon, with the increasing popularity it’s important that you keep vigilant and book in good time before your holiday.


Making your travel worth your while

If you are planning some time away, a destination which would do well to stay on your list of possibilities is this versatile and wonderful place. In the wintertime you can enjoy some time flying down the well maintained and well known slopes, or if your visit is during the summer time you can choose to visit during a time of festivities. With a row of celebratory dates on the village calendar, you will no doubt be able to find something to suit your needs.

Here is some beautiful footage of the place.


A full calendar schedule

keep up to date with the calendarIf you are searching for one of the most busy schedules around, why not have a check in with this little village. During the cold months of the year it’s of course buzzling with life, and countless of skiing and winter sport events take place. But of course that is not everything, when the jacket comes off and the summer attire is retrieved from the closet, the festive season begins, and in this season, the schedule is just as busy as ever. Check out what is going on, and ensure that you pay a visit when time and circumstance allow it.


Precious metals

gold rockAs you may be aware of, the village here was founded on a mining settlement some years back, and from there the lovely inhabitant have made a living and developed the area into the wonderful place it is today.

Although mining was in the old day the only business, it has now gone to sleep. Currently the main industry of the area is tourism, and with a world famous ski resort to keep the place busy in the wintertime business is going well. Also in the summer festivities take place, and with a range of different event you will be able to find something fun and entertaining to do should you wish to pay a visit during the summer season.


Rare bird watching

beatiful crowIt may come as a surprise to you, however the air here is filled with a wide variety of wonderful life, especially when the season is right.

Should you be one to enjoy the outdoors, perhaps walking, hiking and camping is right down your alley, then why not book yourself a ticket to this wonderful place. Here you can get close to nature and experience the mountain, be humbled by the sheer size and age of them. Come to experience something different. Of course if you come in the wintertime there is also the famous ski resort which may be well worth a visit.


A place for a happy camper

for campers of all sortsIf you are one to enjoy an outdoors life then you might be interested to know that in this valley some of the most wonderful nature sites and hike paths are available.

Here you can really get close to nature if it’s something that interests you, and with a rich wildlife in the summer there are few places which can match the serene and beautiful views and wonderful trails to experience. Ensure that you include this place on your travel map this summer.


The summer program is loaded for you

Of course this place is greatly famous for the winter activities which are available here, however what may surprise you is the full summer program that is also available here. There are all sorts of festivities going on from film festivals to carnivals and other celebrations, which you are of course welcome to join if you have some spare time. Here the doors are always open and the villagers are always welcoming and inclusive of any visitors to have come for a good time.

Please enjoy this lovely presentation of one of the most famous festivals occurring in this wonderful location


Student, development and forward thinking

a film festival without a likeOne of the main objectives of the festival is to bring forward and celebrate the art of film making, not only as the something to entertain or as a popcorn, but as something which can move you deeply, tell full stories, arouse rebellion and question, just to mention a few.

There a great awe about the event, and you can feel how it’s about discovery and rediscovery. Passed or present, young or old, factors does not matter. For the people here film is a timeless contemporary media. There is of course a great student involvement, and educational programs are ever present which have also received praise, one student have expressed the inspiration brought to him by the truly amazing group of individuals made up from enthusiasm and a burning passion. Having been astounded by the love of film present, at times almost comparable to religious belief.

No matter where you are in your own education there is a wide variety for involvement here, where anything from grad students, collage and high school students and you as a professional can get involved. A range of inspiring and open seminars are available to attend and much more. And what is more, one of the best comments received by the organisers where that there is no trace of pretentiousness but only an honest passion for what is done.

No matter if you are a student, a professional or perhaps just a film lover, this festival is most definitely special, so don’t miss out on next year’s event, and ensure that you get your involvement, apprenticeship or ticket in time.