Gold mines gone, Travellers arrived

a town keeping the old feelingSpawning from a gold mining settlement this little village is one of the most uniquely interesting places to visit on the map of America today. Here the ski slopes have drawn a row of famous and successful professionals within all down hill winter sport and extreme sport communities, and continues to do so now. This of course with great reasons, not only are the slopes wonderful and well maintained, but there is also the great panorama and wide variety of other activities available in conjunction with staying. The town is equipped for long stay and short stay visitors of all types, check it out today, and don’t forget to book your ticket for this year.


A warm welcome to all guests

welcome to a great placeIt doesn’t matter if you are here for a holiday, or if you are here to stay for a little longer to learn, explore and go on adventure. You will always feel welcome by the lovely locals, who are among one of the most open and interested communities of people you will ever meet. And with the large number of travellers making it though this place you will never be stuck for new and exiting meetings and inspiration. The culture have developed independently here, and the unique feeling of the place is something known to stick with people for a long time.


Capturing incredible images

collecting picture memories and works of artIf you are a creative who makes use of pictures, still, moving, digital or other, why not ensure that you capture one of the most beautiful sights in a place which is unique and filled with adventure? Visiting a ski resort for film and photography may be unusual, but bare also in mind that here the annual film festival draws crowds from near and far. With the most stunning scenery available in the back yard, skiing, climbing, hiking and adventures available for the one seeking action, and of course many great places to relax after a full day, you as a film and photo enthusiast will no doubt enjoy this location greatly no matter what time of year you should plan your visit.


Nature conservation a major point for the caring citizens

Something which all inhabitants of this far-away, yet increasingly popular place is their intentions and will to keep the environment in a good way. With great care, awareness is kept amongst the people who live here, which simply comes from the great respect for nature you cannot help but get when spending any amount of time in such a place. Spreading awareness, and promoting eco friendly ways throughout the rapid development of this tow is something we could all take inspiration and learn from.

If you have a spare moment you may also enjoy this video for awareness.


Providing some of the most stunning views on the face of the planet

a wonderful view from many spotsIf you are a photographer, or if you simply just enjoy a great view, then visiting the mountains here and seeing a panorama which is beaten by few is a definite point to put on your bucket list. From the top of the ski slopes to the bottom of the valleys, the view here is amazing at all times of the year. The greenery and the rocky cliff sides in spring, the snow topped mountains in the winter and the town which is in a humble way sitting in the midst of it all.


An expanding town

a lovely and expanding townMuch thanks to the development of the resort, the town is constantly under construction, if it isn’t to prepare for the winter season and the tourism it will bring, it is to prepare for the festivities that take place in the summer time. With a row of different interest events taking place, there is always plenty to do. On top of that, with addition in population with people who enjoy the place so much that they decide to stick around for longer, it’s no wonder this has become such a place to be. Full of development, full of expansion and full of interesting things going on.


For all types of down hillers

a fast way down for anyone, no matter who you areIf you are one to enjoy speed produced by gravity whilst on an elongated pair of planks, why not join the enthusiasts here for a season. Here you will find every type, from fanatic and extreme to leisurely and relaxed. It doesn’t matter what type of style you have, here there is space for everyone, and of course everyone is also invited for a wind down after a long day of playing. Come join us at this wonderful resort, and allow yourself to be a child again!


The best resort technology out there

the right gear for the jobDon’t let the distant location of this wonderful resort fool you, here you will find some state of the art equipment developed for the industry, to provide you with safe, fast and fun transport up the hills. We know you are excited about the journey down, and in this resort the expenses have not been held. This in order to provide you with the optimal holiday experience, with as little transport time as possible and as much fun and awesomeness as possible. Hear reviews from previous visitors and let yourself be convinced to come and try it out, we are sure you will not regret it!


A connection to the universe

If you are a spiritual person, as a place to visit and wander, this cannot come with greater recommendations. No matter who you are, or where you are from, if you are searching for ice covered mountain tops and silence, you will be able to find it here. Of course the town is spurting with life and activities as the downhill skiers go about their adventures, but if you are one who likes hiking, there are plenty of safe routes which one can walk, and by less than an hour walk you will find yourself in the silent, glistening and snow covered landscapes, which can bring any spiritual traveller to greater heights.
night sky timeless


Tall, proud and timeless

surrounded by impressive peaksShould you be one to visit this wonderful place, you will like the many who have paid this little town a visit in the past be humbled by the great peaks which will surround you. Situated in a valley which is rich with activity and events, you will no doubt make memories not easily forgotten. From pictures one can see the sheer size of the mountain tops and of course from stories one can imagine well what it would feel like, however, nothing compares to the real experience. So if you are stuck for a choice of place to visit this year, perhaps keep this place in mind.