Never a dull moment

wide angle townIf you are searching for a place where you are never waiting, you are never bored and you are always surrounded by a flurry of events. Giving you the choice in what you would like to engage with. Your search can end here, get your tickets for a visit here, and you will make memories to last a lifetime. Of course just because there is a surge of life, learning and activity here, it doesn’t mean that you have to part take in all or any of it. you can simply come and take it easy, enjoy the scenery and take some time out, perhaps treating yourself to a massage or a sauna stay.


Memberships and news letters

a place worth visiting several times overOne of the most common ways of getting the latest news and deals these days is online, and a great way to keep up to date with things, other than to ensure that you visit your favourite webpages with even spaces, is to sign up for news letter and promotions from travel agencies and air lines. This way you will be the first to know about any new offer that might be on, and if you are quick, you may find the deal of a season, perhaps even making it affordable for you to travel twice!


World class rescue team

Being a resort of extreme sports of course it is important that the highest trained and most professional staff is on site. And that is something that is highly prioritized here, it’s simply a matter of health and safety, and the safety of the locals as well as any guest is a local responsibility.

Here the rescue teams are not only experienced and knowledgeable, but they also care for what they do and the security of people. Helicopters are available, and there are even a few furry friends with highly apt noses on the team to ensure that victims buried under snow stands a much greater chance of being found.

Please enjoy this little clip about avalanche rescuers on four legs.


Diversity and Social responsibility

A point which is held dear by each and every one of the citizens in this location is that of responsibility and diversity. Ensuring that equality reigns as the chief ideal to be kept, and that each person is supported and helped on their way through life. Here it is believed that every person has their own unique talent and it is known that for that talent to flourish, the right type of environment is needed. If a person is not feeling comfortable there is little hope of finding confidence to be able to go your own way. This is something always kept in mind.

Here’s also an informational video on the subject we hope you find interesting.


Promoting good causes

caring for the communityThe inhabitants of this remote, yet more and more well known location are one of a kind, with a specific feeling to the place due to the seasonal shifts, there is an interesting vibration and ambience instilling the place. Mountain tops stand tall continuously in the viewpoint of anyone who is walking the streets of the village, and you can see the life changing as the seasons change. If you are one with an adventurous spirit you might want to come and see what good causes are being promoted at the current. Guests are always made to feel welcome.


Character and individuality

a town that believes in characterHere it’s believed that each person is unique, and each person has a set of talents which have been or are still to be discovered. An encouraging and supportive environment is built so to ensure people feel comfortable and confident in what they are endeavouring to do. Something which breeds creativity in a different light, and adding the scenery, a continuous panorama which inspires to no end, you will struggle to find conditions as grand as can be found here anywhere else.


Efforts for the locality

a locality that caresOf course geographical location of this valley is something that helps the inhabitants of this place to keep close to the ground. With the vastness of nature surrounding them humility and appreciation seems to be something one cannot avoid. If you have yet to visit this spoken about place, it’s most definitely about time. There are only good reasons to make your stay sooner rather than later, as it will no doubt bring some richness to your life. It’s inevitable in such a stunning and breath taking place.


Harvest times

harvest timeThere are many traditional celebrations which are kept alive in a village and in a community where people care for them. Traditions of celebration holds not only the meaning of celebrating and being appreciative of live, but also to come together as a community, and spend quality time with the people who we liver our lives beside. The ones that make us feel like we are part of something bigger. If you are one who enjoys celebrations, why not join for the next one that happens here, tickets are running low fast, so ensure you book in good time.


For young and old alike

a readying walkNo matter what you age is, or who you decide to come visit with, you will always feel well catered for here. Providing everything from family holiday packages, to romantic weekends away and team building events and courses, you can rely on this place to keep you happy.

With a wide array of activities, and possibilities to learn what keeps us excited is always happening here. So why not take your young ones, your old ones and yourself to come and feel the welcoming ambience in the valley.


Flying down from the top of the hill

the beautiful mountain tops over the housesThe suspense of climbing upwards, in the lift, you see the landscape silently passing beneat you, as you are calming your mind to ensure focus is kept despite the strong excitement you feel. You make your way to a far end after dismounting the lift, and with a long deep intake of air you ready yourself for what is to come. A gentle push off, and you feel your muscles engaging, your instinct steering and your mind letting go.
The feeling of freedom when flying down one of the famous ski slopes here, as described by an enthusiastic armature.