A wish expressed by many previous visitors

a resort to visit again and againEspecially from those who are here only for a short stay. When the holiday is over and it’s time to pack up and return home, there is at the side of this wonderful mountain a common general feeling. The tendency to want to stay just a little bit longer, just for one more day, why couldn’t the world and the universe make it so that this week was 8 days instead of 7?
This is one of the greatest reviews a place can have from its visitors, the wish to stay, and the want to return.

Daredevils, Geeks and All the rest!

a place that have something for everyoneOne of the main attractive features about this wonderful valley is simply the crowd that it attracts. If you decide to at some point pay it a visit you will find exactly what we mean when we say that you can really find all sorts here. The mixture of travellers, adventure seekers, hikers, down-hill skiers, film lovers, holidays, facilitated by the wonderful resident’s great, positive and caring attitude is something which is unique to this place. It’s difficult to describe the versatility in human culture, individual types which mix in the most wonderful, creative and active way which is met on a visit here.

And of course there is the mountain, being in a valley, surrounded by formations which long surpasses the personal history of any one human’s life span, there is something indescribable present, something which bring humility to all. So no matter who you are, no matter where you are from or what your interests are, there will be something here which is for you. Everyone is welcome here, and with the passionately organised events, festivals, features and activities organised here you will never find a moment of boredom, that of course not saying that you cannot find stillness and peace should you search for it.

It’s a place in need of experiencing, bringing together the new and current, with ancient in a mixture of human culture, nature and community. If you have any questions from the team here who absolutely adore this place, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, any feedback you have for us on the website is also welcomed and much appreciated!


Luxury stay

live lush and enjoy the stayAlthough the people of the town as a general are very humble and in touch with their own nature as well as the nature that surrounds them, there are of course opportunities to find high end luxury also here should you be one of finer taste. Grand views, great food, and the feeling slick and clean solutions for your stay where you don’t have to worry about a thing is something that you can find with one of the package deals which the resort at times offer. What we suggest is that you have a search around for what there is in terms of top standard hotels and accommodation in the area, and no doubt you will come across what is current and what is suiting to you.


A late night game

The day time is filled with activity, life and adventure, the night time on the other hand, is free. One can sit down and simply have a quiet pint to mull over the days events, relax and recuperate for the following day, or if you are of the sort, you may enjoy sitting down for a little game of cards.

Playing with cards here has a deeper underlying meaning, it’s of course for the game enthusiast, but it is also for anyone who is wanting to join. It’s for having a social and communal time, and engaging with each other in ways that are enjoyable and fun.

Here’s how you play one of the most famous card games in the world.


the stunning breathtaking mountainThe mountain range

There is something very particular and special about residing so close to grand rock formations. The mountains found surrounding this wonderful town are no different to other similar places. The awe they elicit upon anyone is beyond human expression. The only way to understand what we mean when we say this is of course to have had the experience oneself. This is why if you have not yet been to live next to a mountain, we highly recommend that you do. Even if it is for a short period of time, it doesn’t take long for the sheer size to seep into your being. Humbling, overwhelming and freeing.


avalanche risk

there is always risk, but safety first removes the considerable majority of itSomething that should take the attention of people, especially if they are winter sport lovers is safety. One of the things which are brought up often is the risk for avalanches. Something which should never be taken lightly. Of course there are many accounts of people who have survived an avalanche, however the chances are slim, and the survivors were lucky to have been found. Today there are many rescue teams who take help from our four legged friends to find victims buried under now. With training and their superior sense of smell many lives have been saved.


A seasonal place

beautiful summers to be foundIn few places around the globe the change of the season can be felt as apparent as in this little valley resort. Also coming though in the way the industries and local businesses operate here, you can feel that the cycles of a year is something which has the most profound effect on you should you stay for a longer period of time. Of course long term visitors are also welcome, and there are several places with which you can get a great affordable long term stay with. Book in advance, or ask around when you have landed here and have gotten a feel of the place.


At the foot of the mountain

a very special placeIf you are looking to feel that you are not the most great and grand thing of all creation in the universe, here is the place to come. Here you can learn from yourself and from that higher self which you have experienced only in times of awe and realisation. At the foot of the mountain, in this lovely, homey and welcoming town you will be able to feel and understand just how small you are, yet how significant you are in the grand scheme of things. Ensure that the spot on your map is marked as a place to visit, and feel free to come at any time you like.


See, ride and relax

the beautiful view from farWhy not get the full package if you are planning a journey somewhere. Why not choose a place to go which has more than most to offer. Views above and beyond imagination, speed and thrills filled with a feeling of freedom, and of course relaxation resorts to help you wind down and rest after a long day of activity and action. There are few places which are so inclusive of what it offers, and there are only good reasons to ensure that you get a ticker here while there are still available.


If you are one to like fishing

there is plenty to do in the green season fishing hiking trekking and much moreThere is plenty around here to suit each individual who comes to visit, and that includes you as a fishing enthusiast. Who says that you have to fly down snowy mountains for a good time, there is plenty of excitement to be had angling. Although of course the team here are fully aware that there are many who enjoy both activities. No matter what you like, you will be able to find it here, and if you are having a future journey to plan, why not ensure that this spot on the map gets marked.


Choosing your season to visit accordingly

a greate place to be all year roundIf you are currently planning a holiday, this destination is no doubt one which should make your top choices, with plenty of variety in what to do, you can pick and choose just what you are after. We would like to inform you to that different seasons here of course offer a different set of alternatives, in the summer there is festivities, hiking, climbing and much more, and in the winter aside from the skiing resort, you can also climb or take part in activities of learning. Speak to your travel planner today to find out more about this well reputed and very special place.