Student, development and forward thinking

a film festival without a likeOne of the main objectives of the festival is to bring forward and celebrate the art of film making, not only as the something to entertain or as a popcorn, but as something which can move you deeply, tell full stories, arouse rebellion and question, just to mention a few.

There a great awe about the event, and you can feel how it’s about discovery and rediscovery. Passed or present, young or old, factors does not matter. For the people here film is a timeless contemporary media. There is of course a great student involvement, and educational programs are ever present which have also received praise, one student have expressed the inspiration brought to him by the truly amazing group of individuals made up from enthusiasm and a burning passion. Having been astounded by the love of film present, at times almost comparable to religious belief.

No matter where you are in your own education there is a wide variety for involvement here, where anything from grad students, collage and high school students and you as a professional can get involved. A range of inspiring and open seminars are available to attend and much more. And what is more, one of the best comments received by the organisers where that there is no trace of pretentiousness but only an honest passion for what is done.

No matter if you are a student, a professional or perhaps just a film lover, this festival is most definitely special, so don’t miss out on next year’s event, and ensure that you get your involvement, apprenticeship or ticket in time.