Short or long stay

short or long staySomething common for the people who have landed near the foot of this mountain at any point in their lives is the urge to stay longer.

This is most of time is not possible for individuals as they need to go back to their everyday lives and jobs where they are currently receding. However in some cases stays have been elongated and made last, in some cases indefinitely. If you are one of the ones who visited on holiday scenario, you may however feel motivated to re-visit this wonderful place, and should you be in the stages of planning currently, it may be a good idea to ensure that the stay is long enough this time. Long enough for you to feel replete and satisfied with what there is on offer.

Of course this may prove a challenge as there are a motley variety of things to do and be engaged with here. Depending on your interests you can literally pick and choose what is best in line with your own interests and what the general purposes of your journey is. If you are on a holiday for relaxing choosing hikes in the mountain and relaxing may be the right type. However if you are here for an adventure holiday there is the down hill skiing of course, in addition the climbing and other extreme sports available here. There are training courses, beginner courses, advance courses and much more to choose from. Something which you may have already realised if you have visited before.

Keep visiting this website to ensure that you are up to date with the many news of events that occur here, of course in the summer season there are a row of festivities which have also earned a great reputation in their respective fields, one example being the internationally famous and welcomed film festival which occurs annually.

Skiing and news

swoshing down hill iconHaving been crowned the skiing town of the US, this is of course a kingdom of slopes one cannot miss should one enjoy a thrilling ride downhill. A modern frontier as well known for the challenge as well as for the beautiful landscapes.

With a row of different activities available for anyone of any age this place really lives up to the great reputation it has earned over the years. Although the town itself is small with a modest population, it makes little different to your stay should you decide to visit. The mountain is there to keep you during the day, ensuring you have a great experience, and there is ample opportunity to wind down and relax after a thrilling day in one of the warm and friendly cottages.

With great response and feedback received from visitors, it’s truly a unique venue whose ambience and feeling cannot be replicated anywhere else. If you are not one to enjoy the more speedy activities there, you may also enjoy enriching hiking and being close to the silent landscape which has a voice of its own.

Acclaimed by many known papers and magazines, one of the things which adds to the reasons of visiting is the mention in Men’s Journal, US, as one of the 21st top ranked places for a long weekend. This list is compiled by critics, and with hard competition from a variety of destinations this small town was included. This speaks of the wonderful experiences which can be had there. And after you are done with your adventures you will no doubt feel just at home with the friendly and lovely locals, who have grown used to explorers, travellers and thrill seekers throughout the progression.

See Forever

To give you some insights to what it is like to be present, here is a video which will hopefully get you in the mood as a down hill fanatic.

Ice climbing a true challenge

If you are new to the scene of climbing or if you are well wandered in the field, this place has something for you. With plenty of courses for the beginner and for children available in controlled environments, learning how to climb can be an adventure, a skill to learn and an experience to remember for many years to come. For those of you who engage with this exhilarating activity on a regular basis, you may have heard the term ice climbing, and for those of you who have not, we would like to bring you some interesting information on the point.

Close sister activity to rock climbing, ice climbing is just as the name suggests. Most commonly those who engage with it climb frozen waterfalls as a selected feature, or to reach the summit of a mountain the individual has undertaken to climb as a challenge. What is to be said about ice climbing is that it requires specialist gear as you can imagine, being able to climb bare ice is not usually the first things which pop into someone’s head when they are thinking of leisurely activates, and the right tools are more than needed. And apart from knowing the gear inside and outside, you must of course also have a wide experience to engage with any climb of the sort.

There are a row of famous icefalls in the surrounding areas of this beautiful valley and if you are looking to ascend in one of the most challenging ways known, please be sure to investigate the many amazing frozen falls here.

New down the slopes?

If you are someone who are thinking about putting some planks on your feet and slide down a mountain for the first time, then please feel free to read on here. Hoping that your interest for this particular place on the globe is what has taken you to a webpage which is absolutely heedlessly over heels in love with this valley. Not only due to the skiing facilities and the gold chest of some of the most dedicated and skilled teachers and instructors in the world, but also due to the friendly nature of the people who live there, and the beautiful stunning you will find yourself in should you go there.

Booking in for a holiday full of learning, activity and of course relaxation is recommended for any hardworking, dedicated and at sometimes overworked individuals who are in need of some restoration.

Some may argue that activity is not always the best way to spend your holiday, but to that we would say, most commonly these type of comments come from someone who has not been involved and from someone who prefers a more passive approach. And since you have found your way to our little corner on the net, it’s safe to assume that you are also one of us, one who enjoys adventure, who is inspired by learning and who is open and free to try new things without empty reasons and excuses not to. The reason we believe this place is such a suiting venue for you, is because as someone who relishes life, you will not regret visiting this most astounding of places.

Of course there are many activates you can part take in here, skiing being the one most known, but in the regions of climbing, ice climbing, hiking, camping and much more there is world class personnel, instructors, trainers and guides available who are highly trained and how are of the most warm and caring type you will find anywhere.

Some time out where you will feel instantly at home

You could listen to any of the many voices which have made their way to this wonderful resort, location, place of natural beauty and adventure.

Leading you to soon find out what great things are circulating the net and though word to mouth with regards to this absolutely unique spot on the globe. What makes a regular valley, born from a gold mining settlement a few hundred years back so special then?

Well it’s hard to put your thumb on really, for the skiing fanatics there are the slopes with few of its like around the word, for the extreme sports adventures there are many naturally occurring exiting formations of rock, scenery and greenery.

Including also those who love nature, hiking, camping and bush craft. If you are an outdoor type of person who enjoy the freshest of air and the toughest of challenges, why not come along and visit a place where it all is available, and with it. There is also the wonderful ambience, vibes and tradition which the locals bring. Of course the village is growing and expanding currently and a vast mixture of heritage and culture is seeding to begin a whole new taken on the future. The team here would state that with the incredible mix happening here, there is a whole new range of activity, creativity, sociability and opportunity for everyone.

Let us know if you have questions, and ensure that you book your ticket to visit this most wonderful and special place as soon as possible.

Known and loved with reason

a beautiful destination in the mountainsFinding the perfect holiday destination is not always an easy task, especially in the current day and age when the possible destinations are many and the time in which we have to research and explore the different possibilities is limited.

There is however a place which over the years have earned a great reputation simply based on the merit of being a very special, original and lovely place to go, no matter what your preferences are.

Making this location your next holiday destination is something which you will never regret. This can be said with certainty simply as those who have visited before you have all given their best reviews, which comes only second to the action which many take to visit again. The village is homely, and the slopes are fast and adventures, the seasons are changing, and the different activities which are available changes with them. Climbing, relaxing, dining, going for a spa treatment or riding down the mountain side on a pair of planks at speed are all part of what is available here. And in the summer time you will be able to find festivals, festivities and carnivals with close intervals.

So, regardless of what your favourite flavour is, you will no doubt be able to find it here, but you don’t have to take our word for it, take the world of the thousands who have visited, re-visited and enjoyed their stay to the max before you.

A place to learn something new

If you are stuck for motivation, there is one thing which is a scientifically proved remedy for both your physical and your mental well-being. Learning something new and fun is what we are speaking about and what we suggest for anyone who is needing some fresh information injected into their lives. Stimulating, engaging, energising and very social, learning is something that you can find in mass in this wonderful valley. There will no doubt be something that takes your interest no matter what type you are. For the adventure type there are down hill skiing courses, hiking, bush craft, climbing, ice climbing and all of these things in combination with an addition of many other things useful for all of the before mentioned topics.

For the holiday goer searching for a bit of relaxation and learning there are many retreats where you can find peace, mediation, exercise, yoga which is combined with well being training and exercise for the body and the mind. And with many specific interest areas being kept strongly alive by the passion running though this place, such as films, music, theatre, the arts, and much more, you will be able to at times locate events and learning opportunities within these fields as well. There are few places as wonderful as this valley on the face of this planet, a point which many former and re-occurring visitors of this place agrees upon. But there really is no replacement for the experience itself, we can speak about this for hours, and perhaps we would if no one stopped us, however visiting yourself is the only real way to learn. So why not have a look around and see what is going on here currently, and perhaps choose this for your next holiday, travel or living location.

Beautiful landscapes and scenery

the beautiful valleyWe have been speaking a lot about the skiing and adventure resort which is to be found on this sunny and action filled mountain side, but today we would like to give a mention and some time to the calmer and more relaxed side to the place. With a lovely village, beautiful scenery and serenity which rubs off on you if you pick the right place it’s easy to find a calm place of peace here. For many this location is known and associated with speed, learning, activity and much more. But what the team here knows is that not all times in a life is for the sprint. Only be taking it easy, giving time to relaxation, even having idle time is something which is required to find meaning and motivation in life.
Finding time for soul searching is easy here, you don’t have to walk far to find a private, calm and vast place for your thoughts. What we would say is that many faces of this beautiful location is to be had, and taking some time out to ensure that you are going about things as is your choice will bring back the feeling of freedom and control to your life if it is missing. Many have recommended this location on the bases of what they have found there in terms of guidance from time spent with the mountain, in thoughts and with oneself or someone loved.
If you are planning a calm and relaxed holiday, or perhaps a longer journey, please ensure that this little spot in the mountains is marked for attention as a place to visit and revisit in many ways and for many purposes.

The Famous Film Festival Season

Wanting to ensure that you are out in good time and be ready to get your tickets to the annual film festival here in the mountains. From wide and far people travel to come visit, experience and take part in this wonderful events. A congregation of the most passionate and interested young and old minds within the film making world today, you will be able to catch some of your old classic favourites as well as meet with a wide array of new ideas.

If you would like to know more about this wonderful festival please keep in tuned, here we aim to keep you up dated with the latest of what is going on, as well as give you some information about the location and its history. You can stay in tune and stay in touch with us, to stay in touch with both old and new news from our favourite little spot on the planet. Hopefully you too will manage to visit one day and perhaps join us in our great appreciation of what we consider one of the human wonders of the world. We are always happy to share, and hope that you are of the same material.

So should there be something that you would like to see, perhaps something that you feel you are missing information about, please don’t hesitate to make contact with the lovely warm team members here. All questions and feedback is welcome, and if you have something to share, of course that is something that we also take in to consideration! And don’t forget to get your tickets to the film festival this year. Last year was a great success and there are good things to be expected from this year again!