Have a high speed happy Christmas in a very special place

a readying walkIf you have not yet decided where to spend your winter holiday and celebrate the birth of Jesus, or perhaps just celebrate the commercial holiday and our right to buy stuff and give it to each other. Spend it here, going down the slopes at high speed, or at least as high speed as you dare, feel the liberation and freedom of downhill skiing. The team here would call it a dream holiday, and you can still have the cosy living room feeling with presents in one of the many wonderful cottage accommodations available. Book your tickets now before it’s too late, and spend the most joyful time of the year in a both spiritual and jolly place.

The valley is known for their friendly culture and lovely attitude which is including and considerate. This goes for all the staff as well as for any of the local residents who does not work in the holiday industry. If you are not the downhill time you can always stay in with a wonderful glass of whine and have a lovely bath and perhaps catch up on your well overdue novel reading. Get in touch with the team here if you would like to know more about what we think about the valley and why, and feel free to scroll down and let your eyes roll over the many good things we have to say about our favourite place both for action and relaxation. It’s social or storic, it’s mad energy and serene view.

It’s all rolled into one, and it’s all in one perfectly packaged place for you to enjoy at a time of your convenience, as long as you have the investment needed for it. If you are alone it may be slightly easier, if you are a family, well you might be able to stretch the budget far enough, be a tad less materialistic and invest instead in making great memories with your family this year.

A strong sense of community and collective thinking


a sense of community for everyone hereIf you ever speak to one of the residents here, permanent, temporary or even new, they will all inform of the same thing. There are many reasons why to visit, why to stay, and why to come back to this wonderful place, and one of those, which seems to be common to those we’ve encountered and often mentioned with a smile. Is that of the great sense of community and well being that is collectively grown by the people and their vast range of cultures, talents and interests.

Defined by some, as a place where new meets old, cultures mix and ideas of great originality and creativity are born. This we believe is due to the wonderful sense of freedom and grounding that you meet with here. The vast slopes, the range of mountains, the strong change in season are all contributors in giving this valley it’s ancient ring with the contemporary tones which today trickle though. A place to visit no doubt, no matter who you are, if you are seeking community or solice, all can be found here together with knowledge and wisdom of a much different kind met with anywhere else in the world. As far as our well travelled team can tell anyway. Should you agree, disagree? Then feel free to send us a message, we are here and ready to take any questions you have to ask, and are always as quick as possible with our reply.

From the top of the slopes

beautiful place for holiday and relaxationThe completely fanatic skiing fans here all know the true meaning of serenity. It’s something which can happen anywhere at any place, but you are of course more likely to experience it at the top of a mountain than at a bus stop in the centre of a large city. We speak of this now, as we are wanting to share with you the secret of a place where for us it is found often.

The point is of course at the top of a slope, just before take off. You are ready, you’ve done the long climb up, or in the case of taking the lift, battled with all the inconveniences it is to get on, stay on and get off it successfully again. The sun is shining and the air is fresh. With every deep breath you take your senses wake up further. Clarity is complete though the cold crisp air, and as you step off, there is little in the world that doesn’t make sense.

The stillness at the top of a slope is something that the team here speaks fondly of, and with many great memories of wonderful mornings, days and evenings at here, where you can tell the ride will be most amazing we hope that also you will join us one day down the slopes here. And don’t worry if you are new, there are many skilled instructors who can help you get to grips with things, so that one day also you can be a master of sliding down a mountain on a couple or a single wooden board.

For the speedsters

duo going down with speedIf you like speed, and if you are a good and confident down hill skier, it’s time that you take the journey to visit one of the best places in the world for downhill and high speed skiing. For those who like to go fast, there are few things as great as the adrenaline rush and clarity that comes with it, and it’s an experience to keep chasing for as long as your body can take it. The staff in the valley have seen physically fit men well above their middle ages take on some of the toughest slopes around, relying on their continuous and daily workout as well as the technical skill and judgement they have been able to build throughout the many years of speed searching. Of course not all people who chase speed alone live to be that old, but at the end of the day, many of them died in a glorious and action filled way, and many we know would not mind all too much an ending that would be similar. Speed is here, and it is available, and with great rescue personnel there is a good chance that you will live even if you do have an accident chasing that ecstasy. So, book your ticket for the adventure of a lifetime today and get your planks on, it’s time to do that living that soothes are too afraid to do, that type which brings the human mind to the edge of its capacity, the kind which many dream of but abstain from due to dreams of long meaningful lives at a very slow pace. Come to the valley and be among your own kind, book now, and never live to regret it.

A safe place to enjoy new adventure for you and your family

for campers of all sortsThere are few great places in the world where you can find a safe environment to go on read adventure. However we would like to inform you to the wonderful attraction and appeal with the slopes in what we would call a paradise on earth. Here you and your family will be able to enjoy a rejuvenating and relaxing time, all whilst taking part in fun and rewarding adventures during the day time. There are the famous downhill slopes which are there for speed and thrills, There’s the wonderful taverns in which you can spend your evenings with the community of people, local and visitors all together. And, with the crew providing great educational skiing schools it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned skier. Please take a moment to visit our key sponsor who has managed to lock in some locksmith Bristol spirit by assisting us with the opening of many doors for this project. A Yale man and a key component of the project.

All you have to do is arrive, everything you need can be found here, and as you can guess. There are close to no one who ever regrets taking a trip to the golden valley. So don’t hesitate to book now, as you are sure to be satisfied, the beautiful mountains surrounding you, the great organised fun, and of course your freedom to explore and go on your own adventure is also an option. The only real risk of making your reservation now, is that you will want to stay, come back, over and over again. Adventure is something you should always let happen if you have the opportunity, it’s great for personal development and growth, and should you have little ones they are bound to learn a lot just through the natural play and fun of the younger years. Get in touch with the team here now if you have questions for us, and if you don’t get online, or call your travel agent and book that ticket now.

Technique is control

If you are a sports man or woman you know what we speak of when we form the word technique. Many have tried to put a good description to the world, and it’s no doubt, you do need some form of technique to be able to go down the slopes at an entertaining and engaging spread. Like with any sport, performance or other of the same physical nature, there will always need to be skill, which is why there are schools to teach those who don’t have it yet. Technique is the ability to get what you want, to feel that you are in control of every turn every break, every trick, every inch of yourself. This description may be of an extreme situation, but if you are going down a top end slope you will soon note the many challenges you face in such a slope, which is why it’s important that if you are a beginner you stick to the green slopes. It’s genuinely dangerous, not only to yourself but to your fellow downhill skiers if you take on a slope which is a higher level than you are able to handle.

A challenge is of course good, but it should never be done foolishly and in the heat of the moment. There are many tragic stories out there of people who overstepped their own boundaries and ended up in a bad way, some never returned, and perhaps worse, some were never found. Not that you have to worry about that if you are new and if you come to the valley. Here instructors, teachers, guides, and helpers are available at all hours to help you find the technique you need to be able to take on the next challenge. Each of us are on our own way of improvement, and with the team of highly technically skilled teachers you will have a solid platform to start from. Visit the valley now or get in touch with the team here to find out more about the slopes and about the classes available.

The magic of valleys

the beautiful mountain tops over the housesLand of mystery, mist covered mountains and air, made crisp by the snow covered slopes. There are many things which aid in the making of the atmosphere in a valley, and in our favourite valley, there is now a added feature, which you will struggle to find anywhere else. A town which have met the perfect mix of changing population and residents. The scale in which things are running at the present leaves the valley and the people who visit as well as those who live there, in a perfect balance. Both with nature, with space and with each other. By having enough community, activity and human life, as well as having solidarity, peace and the grand voice of the mountains and the valley, there are few places in which this magic can be found. A worthwhile visit for anyone who can find the spare time and spare money to visit. Locksmith Bournemouth.

There is nothing to secure a creative and rejuvenating experience than going somewhere you have not been before. Get a different perspective. Even more impactful due to the scale of this area. If you are are in a mountain range, remote, yet friendly and safe. There is nothing more humbling. If you want to secure rest, lock in a holiday at Telluride. Like the lock specialists local to you feel. There is nothing to help you work better with your passionate work than a good time away.

No matter where you are from, where you live out your day to day life and what your interest and cultural background is, you are sure to find something of use, of value and of meaning in a place like this. If you have the funds and the time there should really be nothing to stop you from booking your ticket now. There are only a couple of things on the bucket list for the team here, and one of them, which is crossed on our list, many times over, visiting Telluride, is a point we wish to share, and hope that others add also to their list of things to do before they kick the bucket so to speak with the team here for any related questions, or if you have any suggested edits for the site. All the best to you in the new year.

As an example, lock experts and high security workers who need to have their mind sharp all hours of the day. Often enjoy holidays here. Which allows them both threat and the mind stimulating activities which can be had here. Helping them provide high security to all their lock repair and security maintenance customers back home. Their security surveys are attentive and ready to deal with any improvement in the best possible way for you. Try it for yourself. The key to a good holiday not to think about it and plan it, but to lock it in your time table. Go off and actually do it.


Short or long stay

short or long staySomething common for the people who have landed near the foot of this mountain at any point in their lives is the urge to stay longer.

This is most of time is not possible for individuals as they need to go back to their everyday lives and jobs where they are currently receding. However in some cases stays have been elongated and made last, in some cases indefinitely. If you are one of the ones who visited on holiday scenario, you may however feel motivated to re-visit this wonderful place, and should you be in the stages of planning currently, it may be a good idea to ensure that the stay is long enough this time. Long enough for you to feel replete and satisfied with what there is on offer.

Of course this may prove a challenge as there are a motley variety of things to do and be engaged with here. Depending on your interests you can literally pick and choose what is best in line with your own interests and what the general purposes of your journey is. If you are on a holiday for relaxing choosing hikes in the mountain and relaxing may be the right type. However if you are here for an adventure holiday there is the down hill skiing of course, in addition the climbing and other extreme sports available here. There are training courses, beginner courses, advance courses and much more to choose from. Something which you may have already realised if you have visited before.

Keep visiting this website to ensure that you are up to date with the many news of events that occur here, of course in the summer season there are a row of festivities which have also earned a great reputation in their respective fields, one example being the internationally famous and welcomed film festival which occurs annually. Thanks to our sponsor for supporting.

Hiking, a remedy for the soul and the vast majority of human malady

walking in the mountainsOur words for the title of this paragraph may sound pompous and grand, and perhaps a tad ridiculous to some. But having hiked in the mountains and having experienced the vast silence and the scale of the rocks that you tread on, if anything. The worlds don’t do the situation justice. There are few things which can describe the feeling and the serenity, in short, the meaning which one can find when walking, with a friend, with family or by oneself.

It’s easy to forget ourselves in the stresses of human society today, there is not a moment’s rest for many of us, and if there is some free time, more often than not we choose to fill it with other stressful things. It’s a work hard and play hard type of world, and it can be difficult to get out of that hamster wheel. What we suggest is a trip out of it, just to get that other perspective, that one time might change how you see things for the rest of your life. It’s such a powerful experience, especially if you have not had it before, that it almost surely will change everything. Perhaps not much, but enough to give you that fresh perspective you need to dig out the motivation to get on top of the work that you have to do.

Skiing is for everyone

Here we believe that one of the most energizing, rewarding and relaxing times are spent with full attention and focus on learning something. And of course as skiing fanatics we are skiing advocates.

Not only do you have the physical side, but it’s a fee part, unlike going to the gym with the specific purpose of doing exercise, with the specific root of needing to do something for your health as you feel the decline in your body with age. Just another thing which should be done, but without inherent motivation. Whilst learning something or developing a skill which is both exhilarating and without a purpose other than the enjoyment of it, is a better way to keep fit.

Regardless of the way you choose to continue or take the first swoop down the slopes, there is no doubt that you will be taken by the experience. Physically challenging, mentally challenging, and instilled with that sense of freedom which comes only with the feeling of supreme control, or at least the illusion and experience of it. Taking the step towards your first skiing holiday can be especially daunting however with wonderful instructors and great pedagogy with a good teach you will no doubt be guided to the pleasures of a sport which at times is classed as an extreme one, but by no means need to be.

With time spent, and tangible rewards as you progress in your own skiing ability, like many hobbies, skiing is infinitely rewarding and greatly appreciated by many. The only thing there is to watch out for is of course becoming too hooked, which is no problem at all really.

A truly social adventure

No one can truly say they’ve lived until they’ve experienced the fear of riding down a steep slope of a mountain, the exhilaration of whistling through tree-lined pistes, and the joy of cutting through powder moguls like a hot knife through butter. There is something truly fantastic about skiing or snowboarding – whichever takes your fancy.

Not only is there the joy of snowboarding and carving down the beautiful slopes all across the world, there’s the fun associated with skiing too. Shoop! Shoop! Down the slopes you go and who knows, when you get to the flats maybe you’ll have to pull your friends on their snowboards along too. For all the joy of snowboarding, everyone knows that unlike skiers, there’s little a snowboarder can do on the flat except beg for assistance or having to unclip their bindings and walk until the gradient starts to decline again.

However, the fantastic thrill of going to the slopes, whether it be in the Alps or the US, maybe even Tokyo, is matched only by the social aspect of the sport. In not many other sports can you go away and spend a day on the slopes, eat a warm meal in a cabin and do so with the joy of your friends and family enjoying a similarly exhilarating experience. Then after all the hard work is done, what’s better than to sink into a few cold pints, listen to some great music spun by fun-loving DJs out on the pistes with fellow holiday goers at the aprèsski? What’s more, most resorts now have an excellent nightlife which means that fun doesn’t have to stop at 6 or 7 once the aprèsski closes down for the day. So not only is the life of the slopes a great place to have fun with friends and family, it’s also a great place to meet new people and share experiences of a lifetime.

Feeling alive down the slopes

collecting picture memories and works of artMany come here for rejuvenation purposes, and some of us, come for the freedom we feel when heading down the slopes. A feeling which is hard, if not impossible to put in words, the cold wind rushing by your face, your mind sharp, clear and calm as you swish through the crip sunbeams made brighter by the landscapes of white which surround you.

Down the slopes there is only you and the mountain, and you have choice, you can do it how you like it, slow and meditating, fast and challenging, or simply with focus and attention in the present. Almost like an induced state of an enlightenment experience, something that has been recently been spoken about in many ways and forms.

If this sounds like something that you would like to experience, why not book your ticket for a visit now, and it’s our highest recommendation that you do go for this experience even if you are new to it all. There are many skilled instructors at site who can help you with what you need to get started, and you never have to feel unsafe or alone if there is something in the technique that you are struggling with. Strong anchors of knowledge and experience on the slopes is what characterises the schools at Telluride and fun is to be had in great quantities.

So think no further, get it booked, and our team hope to see you there soon.

Fitness, Fun and Adventure down the slopes

If you are to look at all the reasons why people do skiing there would not be enough paper in the world to fill the list. You may have heard a friend describe the wonderful feeling of freedom experience as one is in control of the body and mind whilst whirring down the slopes at tremendous speeds. Or hears your cousins speak of how much fun it is to spend time with your family, enjoying precious time, shared and in activity.

We could, but we shall not go on with the many examples which come to mind at the mare thought of the white hills, but instead focus on you. And what your reason might be.

If you are a first time skier, a starter, a beginner it can be somewhat scary to think about these white slopes which have become loved by skiers of all nationalities, so let’s start with a few different points of motivation and perhaps puncture a few balloons of misconception with regards to taking that first drop down the slopes.

Firstly, the fitness aspect of skiing is amazing, done at a leisurely pace and in a calm manner, there is nothing more relaxing than skiing, yet still it activates your muscles, which activates your mind. Also bringing us to our next point, the activity that you are part taking in will activate your mind, both in the sense of taking instruction and learning how to do it, but also in finding out just how apt your body is in the motor sense. Leaving you with both a great experience, and some activation of the mind, which will help you on many points though your regular day to day life as well.

Lastly, if your apprehension is held due to fear, we can assure you, with a great school and a great teacher you start off small, there are many slow slopes, where speed is no issue, and falling is no skin off your back. On top of that, your instructor will guide you through both how to slow down, and how to place yourself down gently on the snow should you feel the speed exceeding what you can control.

Skiing and news

swoshing down hill iconHaving been crowned the skiing town of the US, this is of course a kingdom of slopes one cannot miss should one enjoy a thrilling ride downhill. A modern frontier as well known for the challenge as well as for the beautiful landscapes.

With a row of different activities available for anyone of any age this place really lives up to the great reputation it has earned over the years. Although the town itself is small with a modest population, it makes little different to your stay should you decide to visit. The mountain is there to keep you during the day, ensuring you have a great experience, and there is ample opportunity to wind down and relax after a thrilling day in one of the warm and friendly cottages.

With great response and feedback received from visitors, it’s truly a unique venue whose ambience and feeling cannot be replicated anywhere else. If you are not one to enjoy the more speedy activities there, you may also enjoy enriching hiking and being close to the silent landscape which has a voice of its own.

Acclaimed by many known papers and magazines, one of the things which adds to the reasons of visiting is the mention in Men’s Journal, US, as one of the 21st top ranked places for a long weekend. This list is compiled by critics, and with hard competition from a variety of destinations this small town was included. This speaks of the wonderful experiences which can be had there. And after you are done with your adventures you will no doubt feel just at home with the friendly and lovely locals, who have grown used to explorers, travellers and thrill seekers throughout the progression.

See Forever

To give you some insights to what it is like to be present, here is a video which will hopefully get you in the mood as a down hill fanatic.

Ice climbing a true challenge

If you are new to the scene of climbing or if you are well wandered in the field, this place has something for you. With plenty of courses for the beginner and for children available in controlled environments, learning how to climb can be an adventure, a skill to learn and an experience to remember for many years to come. For those of you who engage with this exhilarating activity on a regular basis, you may have heard the term ice climbing, and for those of you who have not, we would like to bring you some interesting information on the point.

Close sister activity to rock climbing, ice climbing is just as the name suggests. Most commonly those who engage with it climb frozen waterfalls as a selected feature, or to reach the summit of a mountain the individual has undertaken to climb as a challenge. What is to be said about ice climbing is that it requires specialist gear as you can imagine, being able to climb bare ice is not usually the first things which pop into someone’s head when they are thinking of leisurely activates, and the right tools are more than needed. And apart from knowing the gear inside and outside, you must of course also have a wide experience to engage with any climb of the sort.

There are a row of famous icefalls in the surrounding areas of this beautiful valley and if you are looking to ascend in one of the most challenging ways known, please be sure to investigate the many amazing frozen falls here.

New down the slopes?

If you are someone who are thinking about putting some planks on your feet and slide down a mountain for the first time, then please feel free to read on here. Hoping that your interest for this particular place on the globe is what has taken you to a webpage which is absolutely heedlessly over heels in love with this valley. Not only due to the skiing facilities and the gold chest of some of the most dedicated and skilled teachers and instructors in the world, but also due to the friendly nature of the people who live there, and the beautiful stunning you will find yourself in should you go there.

Booking in for a holiday full of learning, activity and of course relaxation is recommended for any hardworking, dedicated and at sometimes overworked individuals who are in need of some restoration.

Some may argue that activity is not always the best way to spend your holiday, but to that we would say, most commonly these type of comments come from someone who has not been involved and from someone who prefers a more passive approach. And since you have found your way to our little corner on the net, it’s safe to assume that you are also one of us, one who enjoys adventure, who is inspired by learning and who is open and free to try new things without empty reasons and excuses not to. The reason we believe this place is such a suiting venue for you, is because as someone who relishes life, you will not regret visiting this most astounding of places.

Of course there are many activates you can part take in here, skiing being the one most known, but in the regions of climbing, ice climbing, hiking, camping and much more there is world class personnel, instructors, trainers and guides available who are highly trained and how are of the most warm and caring type you will find anywhere.

Some time out where you will feel instantly at home

You could listen to any of the many voices which have made their way to this wonderful resort, location, place of natural beauty and adventure.

Leading you to soon find out what great things are circulating the net and though word to mouth with regards to this absolutely unique spot on the globe. What makes a regular valley, born from a gold mining settlement a few hundred years back so special then?

Well it’s hard to put your thumb on really, for the skiing fanatics there are the slopes with few of its like around the word, for the extreme sports adventures there are many naturally occurring exiting formations of rock, scenery and greenery.

Including also those who love nature, hiking, camping and bush craft. If you are an outdoor type of person who enjoy the freshest of air and the toughest of challenges, why not come along and visit a place where it all is available, and with it. There is also the wonderful ambience, vibes and tradition which the locals bring. Of course the village is growing and expanding currently and a vast mixture of heritage and culture is seeding to begin a whole new taken on the future. The team here would state that with the incredible mix happening here, there is a whole new range of activity, creativity, sociability and opportunity for everyone.

Let us know if you have questions, and ensure that you book your ticket to visit this most wonderful and special place as soon as possible.

Known and loved with reason

a beautiful destination in the mountainsFinding the perfect holiday destination is not always an easy task, especially in the current day and age when the possible destinations are many and the time in which we have to research and explore the different possibilities is limited.

There is however a place which over the years have earned a great reputation simply based on the merit of being a very special, original and lovely place to go, no matter what your preferences are.

Making this location your next holiday destination is something which you will never regret. This can be said with certainty simply as those who have visited before you have all given their best reviews, which comes only second to the action which many take to visit again. The village is homely, and the slopes are fast and adventures, the seasons are changing, and the different activities which are available changes with them. Climbing, relaxing, dining, going for a spa treatment or riding down the mountain side on a pair of planks at speed are all part of what is available here. And in the summer time you will be able to find festivals, festivities and carnivals with close intervals.

So, regardless of what your favourite flavour is, you will no doubt be able to find it here, but you don’t have to take our word for it, take the world of the thousands who have visited, re-visited and enjoyed their stay to the max before you.

A place to learn something new

If you are stuck for motivation, there is one thing which is a scientifically proved remedy for both your physical and your mental well-being. Learning something new and fun is what we are speaking about and what we suggest for anyone who is needing some fresh information injected into their lives. Stimulating, engaging, energising and very social, learning is something that you can find in mass in this wonderful valley. There will no doubt be something that takes your interest no matter what type you are. For the adventure type there are down hill skiing courses, hiking, bush craft, climbing, ice climbing and all of these things in combination with an addition of many other things useful for all of the before mentioned topics.

For the holiday goer searching for a bit of relaxation and learning there are many retreats where you can find peace, mediation, exercise, yoga which is combined with well being training and exercise for the body and the mind. And with many specific interest areas being kept strongly alive by the passion running though this place, such as films, music, theatre, the arts, and much more, you will be able to at times locate events and learning opportunities within these fields as well. There are few places as wonderful as this valley on the face of this planet, a point which many former and re-occurring visitors of this place agrees upon. But there really is no replacement for the experience itself, we can speak about this for hours, and perhaps we would if no one stopped us, however visiting yourself is the only real way to learn. So why not have a look around and see what is going on here currently, and perhaps choose this for your next holiday, travel or living location.

Beautiful landscapes and scenery

the beautiful valleyWe have been speaking a lot about the skiing and adventure resort which is to be found on this sunny and action filled mountain side, but today we would like to give a mention and some time to the calmer and more relaxed side to the place. With a lovely village, beautiful scenery and serenity which rubs off on you if you pick the right place it’s easy to find a calm place of peace here. For many this location is known and associated with speed, learning, activity and much more. But what the team here knows is that not all times in a life is for the sprint. Only be taking it easy, giving time to relaxation, even having idle time is something which is required to find meaning and motivation in life.
Finding time for soul searching is easy here, you don’t have to walk far to find a private, calm and vast place for your thoughts. What we would say is that many faces of this beautiful location is to be had, and taking some time out to ensure that you are going about things as is your choice will bring back the feeling of freedom and control to your life if it is missing. Many have recommended this location on the bases of what they have found there in terms of guidance from time spent with the mountain, in thoughts and with oneself or someone loved.
If you are planning a calm and relaxed holiday, or perhaps a longer journey, please ensure that this little spot in the mountains is marked for attention as a place to visit and revisit in many ways and for many purposes.

The Famous Film Festival Season

Wanting to ensure that you are out in good time and be ready to get your tickets to the annual film festival here in the mountains. From wide and far people travel to come visit, experience and take part in this wonderful events. A congregation of the most passionate and interested young and old minds within the film making world today, you will be able to catch some of your old classic favourites as well as meet with a wide array of new ideas.

If you would like to know more about this wonderful festival please keep in tuned, here we aim to keep you up dated with the latest of what is going on, as well as give you some information about the location and its history. You can stay in tune and stay in touch with us, to stay in touch with both old and new news from our favourite little spot on the planet. Hopefully you too will manage to visit one day and perhaps join us in our great appreciation of what we consider one of the human wonders of the world. We are always happy to share, and hope that you are of the same material.

So should there be something that you would like to see, perhaps something that you feel you are missing information about, please don’t hesitate to make contact with the lovely warm team members here. All questions and feedback is welcome, and if you have something to share, of course that is something that we also take in to consideration! And don’t forget to get your tickets to the film festival this year. Last year was a great success and there are good things to be expected from this year again!